Hello there! I’m hwee, the owner of this blog. I’ve always enjoyed blogging since 2004. You might think what 2004?! Then why do the posts here only start from 2015? Well that’s because I have moved from blogspot. If you are curious about what I have blogged before, feel free to check out my previous posts at hwee-ified.blogspot.sg However be warned that the posts there are more of a diary about my schooling days.

The reason why I started blogging is because I love to reminisce and then there’s this magic about blogging. A few years down the road when you want to, you can easily get access and relive those moments again. Another main reason of my love for blogging is that it makes me happy when I manage to help people shorten their decision making process thanks to my sharing of previous experiences.

The Blog

My posts here are mainly about what I love the most – travelling &  as mentioned before, reviews & experiences which I think would benefit others. If your type of thing is #foodporn then feel free to follow my Instagram where I constantly bombard people with delicious food.

Regarding the frequency of my blog posts, I have to admit that it has reduced tremendously ever since I’ve entered the working world. I am currently working full-time as a marketing executive hence I manage this blog only during my free time.


The Author

A little about myself. Every single year without fail I will pack my bags and bring myself somewhere out of Singapore. I count myself lucky for having traveled to several countries at this age of mine. It will probably take forever to explore the entire world but I think I will never get sick of it. Going to new places and immersing yourself in foreign culture, tradition and history.

Oh and did I mention? I have major motion sickness but despite that it has not once deterred me from my favourite hobby. Yes. I vomit on planes, ships and coaches – almost every single trip. My record would have to be my London to Singapore flight where I puked 2 – 3 times on the plane. Motion sickness pills, fizzy drinks, all kinds of ways, I’ve tried them all but to no avail. If you have any good ways to cure this, kindly let me know.

Another weird thing (labelled by others, not me) about myself would be that I dislike seafood. Yes. You’ve seen it correctly. And no, I’m not allergic unless you count psychological an allergy. I absolutely hate the chewy texture that all seafood lovers adore. Nope. Not for me. Sometimes I get so tired explaining to people that I just tell them I am allergic to seafood in order to stop them from coercing me to try those fabulous, yummy, palatable, mouth-watering (to them) meat.

Well then that’s it, a short introduction about this blog and me. Happy reading! If you would need to contact me in any way, hop over to my contact me page and leave a message for me.