Bee Choo Ladies Hair Treatment Review (SP)

I’ve been suffering post partum hair loss for 2 months already and I’m scared it’ll eventually turn into balding spots. When Bee Choo Ladies approached me for a sponsored hair review I was really happy because there might finally be a solution to my problem.I’ve never heard of Bee Choo Origins before honestly and after researching on it, there were many positive reviews and I was happy to know that it is not like other hair treatment brands where we’ll be pushed to sign up for a package with a hefty price. For them, it’s on a per session basis and different hair lengths have a fixed price so no need to be scared that once you go in, you’ll come out with a hole in your pocket.

They advised me to avoid peak timings for the first appointment because there will be a hair analysis and this might lead to a longer waiting time. However as I couldn’t make it for weekdays, I decided to pick the earliest slot of 9am on Saturday and luckily, I was one of the only few in the salon.They led me to the seat with hot tea and brought a laptop with the hair scanner to my seat. Wow. I was surprised. I guess that’s the difference compared to other brands where they’ll bring you to a room and start brainwashing you that you need a lot of help and make you sign a package.She patiently showed me different sections of my hair and similar to others, my hair at the front was fine and only had 1 to 2 strands as compared to my hair at the back, there was 3 to 4 strands. A healthy scalp usually has the latter.

We then proceeded with the hair treatment. First step was the application of ginger tonic. This will help to open the hair pores and help the herbal treatment penetrate.Next was a head and body massage. Half of me wanted to be thick skinned and request for a longer period. Hehe.Then she applied olive oil at the hair ends to help my damaged hair.Next was the most important part, the herbal paste! There are 2 kinds, coloured or colorless. I chose colorless as it will not affect my hair dye. By the end of everything, I was looking like a marinated cabbage.

Before steaming, they placed a heated shoulder pad to help with shoulder aches. How awesome..After that was hair wash and the application of hair cream.

After a few sessions, I saw significant amount of hair growing at the front!!

Super recommended! With this, I’m excited to announce that there will be a giveaway of herbal hair treatments on my Instagram account in light of Mother’s Day that is around the corner! Hop over to my account to join now!For the rest of you who are interested to book appointments, the one that I went was ladies exclusive (see below). If not you can go to other outlets around Singapore too for both men and women!

5 Pahang Street,

Singapore 198606

Tel: +65 6291 5354

(Please message us on facebook for quicker response time)

Operating Hours:

Mon – Fri:

10.00 AM – 07.00 PM

Sat, Sun & All PH:

9.00 AM – 04.30 PM

Thoughts about a full-time work life

Six months, that’s how long I would have had worked for after next week passes. It feels like it has only been yesterday when I’ve just started my first real full-time job after leaving my previous “career” – studying. Having been in school for a whole 20 years of my life, it was tough trying to adapt to the change in life. Starting to realize that there would be little to almost no free time to myself anymore because there is no more school holidays was I have to admit, a little scary in my opinion. Now my free time is confined to the number of annual leave given and the off days which I have. Suddenly it dawned on me about what my parents used to say, “Schooling period is the best time of your life. Wait till when you start working!”. Of course at that time, I had no inkling about what they mean for there’s always never ending assignments to complete and exams to conquer. Life is so repetitive and tiring.

However now that I’ve started working, I think I comprehend the real meaning behind “repetitive”. Of course, the job which I’ve taken on is far from the definition of that but in the regards of working time, it definitely fits well. A 9 to 6 job where I go to work and go home the same way every single day, waking up and sleeping at almost the same time everyday, dining at the same old eateries everyday .. Oh well. Life is a little boring. But personally, I feel that it is the perception that depicts whether our lives are really monotonous or not.

For example, you could make a little change sometimes and take a different route home. At work, you can try to adjust the way you view some tasks and it’ll be a whole new concept to you. Life can be interesting depending on how you take on the task. More importantly, for me I guess I’m really lucky since my office is near upper Thomson Road. I have a wide variety of food choices to choose from. There’s a reason for the flood of food photos on my Instagram! Tongue Out



And sometimes it’s actually quite refreshing to step into a cafe/restaurant and trying out their food without knowing that they are actually quite a famous cafe (I’ll talk about that in the next post)! The only reason for eating there? Because it’s near my workplace. I guess that’s a good thing too since I’ll get to explore new food  places without being bias since I have no prior opinions about the food I’m going to try.

In addition to the awesome food options I have on my hand, I have great colleagues. I think whether you’re happy at work or not highly depends on the environment of the company and the colleagues you mingle with on a daily basis. If your work environment is stressful or negative, it’ll be hard to work there for a long term basis. On the other hand, if it’s a positive working environment where everyone is on good terms with each other, you would really not mind going to work or even look forward to going to work Sealed

Sometimes I really cannot fathom why would my friends choose jobs which they already know beforehand that there’s parts about it which they dislike (not counting those where they really have no choice) for example the job scope, the location, the work environment, etc. I think choosing a job is important, especially when it’s a full-time job. It’s very much different from the temporary jobs which you take on during school holidays/ term breaks just for the experience or supplementary income which you’ll gain from. It’s going to be a job you’ll be sticking on for quite a long time, at least a year or more so there’s no point accepting one which you know you’ll dislike!

One lesson which I’ve really learnt? Be wise when making choices, especially when it’s your career.

Horror Movie “Marathon” Part 2!

Anyone watched ” The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia (2013)” yet?

If you have not, you should (before the movie stops screening in the cinemas). I know that the reviews weren’t really good for the movie at Rotten Tomatoes was a pathetic 3.6/10. However, we decided to continue our plans after hearing positive comments from our friends (proves that we always trust our friends and families more than the internet).

Our movie tickets!
Our movie tickets!

Again, another spoiler alert for those who have not watched it yet! Please do leave right NOWWWWWWW :p

This movie was much better than Ghost Child. The scary parts start right at the first part of the movie. The ghosts come whether day or night so for those that are weak hearted, please do not watch because you will have no time to calm down at all. Even at the first scene, the ghost appears. Usually, they do not appear until the middle of the movie when the story starts to get more intense.

For me, the scariest part was when her dead mother’s soul appeared beside the bath tub and told her to not be afraid. The last few seconds before her mother left, blood started flowing in the tub. I can still recall vividly the expression of her mother and her eerie voice *hair stands*. The other part which was mind blowing was definitely when the Station Master stood in front of her face with the instruments. He looked like he was going to disassemble her on the spot and the gory face of his, with flesh and blood hanging on his face was seriously gross. And because I was so engrossed in the movie, I could almost feel his face upon mine when I was watching that scene. Seriously, not for the weak.

Similarly to the Thailand horror movie “Shutter”, they had scenes where the supernatural parts come and go. Let me explain what I mean. In this movie, there’s this part when the little girl walks across the trees and every time she walk pass an “obstacle”, the view of the swing hanging by the tree would change. So it’ll be like “ghost”, tree, no ghost, tree, “ghost”. This is awfully similar to “Shutter” scene when the camera keeps on flashing by itself and the “ghost” got nearer and nearer to the screen.

I love how the story develops and you start to understand how it all falls together in the end. Oh, and the part when Joyce was hanged in her temporary home. That was really disturbing as well (Did I mentioned that I have a close friend by the name Joyce?) I think the director really planned the scenes well. As if the blood and rotting flesh weren’t enough, maggots and other creepy crawlies had to join in the fun. Eew.

Well and the take away from the movie? Ignorance is bliss. Definitely. It’s so much better to be unable to see or feel those that shouldn’t be felt. I wouldn’t call it a gift as Joyce (the actress, not my friend) said. Absolutely a torment. I am so glad that I’m like the father of the child who have totally no idea what’s going on.

Okay, enough of this horror. We decided to wash our minds before going on since it was midnight. I wouldn’t want to enter the lift of my block with such revulsion. Too scary for me. So we decided to have supper (YAY) at Xin Wang.

Milo Dinosaur :3
Milo Dinosaur :3
French Toast :D
French Toast 😀

What I ordered 😡 Fattening but lovely. Whee ~ I had to give my heart and body a break you see(excuses, excuses. Tsk).

After that, JY gave both of us a lift home so all of us reached home safe and sound (Plays Taylor Swift’s song). No zombies, no ghosts, nothing (Y).

On a side note, I thought I had to help YX advertise the ice kachang he recommended. He’s totally a fan of it. It’s actually really hilarious because after eating it, I thought it was just normal. Perhaps a little over average but NOT that AWESOME. Anyways, the way he said to me was really funny so I just have to repeat it here.

YX: Its REALLY DIFFERENT. The jelly is so yummy. Its so bouncy that if it accidentally drops on the floor, it would bounce a few times.

Me: PLEASE *roll eyes* It’s just ice kachang. How nice can it be?

YX: NONO. You have to try. Really. Even the ice is different.

Me: ice is just ice… its just water when it melts -.-


Me: fine.

YX, JY & Me goes to have the ice kachang located at Food Junction in Causeway Point.

*Me having high expectations and hopes when I eat the jelly*

Me: Okay only what.

YX: No. You bite properly. Really more chewy than normal ones.

*Me bites again*

Me: Okay fine. Maybe a little more chewy than normal ones but not that YUMMY as you have said.

YX: I told you already! The jelly is awesome.

Me: Why not, next time you order then tell the auntie. “Auntie one ice kachang. No need ice, all jelly can already”


HelpLearnAsia 2013

Last Wednesday and Thursday, I was lucky to be able to attend HelpLearnAsia Singapore 2013 ‘Digital Marketing Reinvented’ thanks to HLASG giving complimentary tickets to our club, SIM Young Entrepreneur Network! It was a two day seminar power packed with speakers whom are leaders of their respective field.

Being a management student and majoring in marketing, I had to say this was one of the most relevant seminars which I have ever attended. I am not saying that the past ones which I have attended were of no use. They were inspiring and I did learn a great deal from them. This was different in the sense that I could finally see what I learnt in class come to life, in the practical world. Those marketing techniques, the 4Ps which I have learnt in my textbooks and lectures are suddenly coming into life. They made me realise how creative people can be. Those marketers out there, I really have to salute them.

The first day started for us with arriving at the reception counter at 9.30am and collecting relevant materials for the seminar.

Our name tag, program schedule and other items
Our name tag, program schedule and other items

After which, we went up to the atrium and starting chatting while waiting excitedly for the program to officially start. When we saw this screen (picture below), I shamelessly mentioned that the first logo which attracted me at first glance was ours. I think the combination of black, red and orange is a perfect match to attract people’s attention. Don’t you agree? Or maybe I am just a little biased since the logo which I frequently saw was ours (and of course Facebook as well).

Sponsoring media
Sponsoring media

We continued to compare the logos of the partners and agreed that the logo of our alumni’s business “Flag A Hero” was really eye-catching as well with plus points for it being so cute (Anyone who needs heroes to help them out? Hop over to Flag A Hero now! (: ).

Enough with that. I’ll continue to talk about how the speakers start to one by one spark my interest towards social marketing (ain’t gona talk about everyone single one though because I’ll have this tendency to just keep typing and typing and this post is just going to get longer and longer).

One of the speakers which I found intriguing was the first speaker, Andy Hwang Genrel Manager (SMB) Asia-Pacific of Facebook whom shared with us how small and medium businesses can make use of Facebook as a platform to reach out to the target audience, I was amazed at how the newsfeed of Facebook can serve to be such a useful tool. Even though I’m like the other Singaporeans out there who spends on average 30+ minutes everyday on Facebook reading posts on newsfeed, I never realised that it could be used as a business tool (FYI, we Singaporeans, actually topped the charts for the country who spends the most time on Facebook reading posts in the newsfeed!). In addition, they have other tools which businesses can utilize to promote their posts or create adverts around Facebook. After listening to the entire speech, I wonder if I am the only one who suddenly had this urge to start my own business just to use whatever Facebook can offer me to help me with my startup (I know I’m insane).

Another speaker which got my attention was Leon Leong, the Business Relations Director of Techsailor Group whom shared really interesting stories on SoLoMo (short for SOcial, LOcation and MObile) on the second day. I think its reallyimpressive how businesses can be creative and make use of location based applications to reach out to their consumers. One of the examples which I vividly remember was Granata Pet Food using location based application in such a smart way which was to dispense pet food from their billboard if the owner checks in beside the board. Watch the video below to understand what I mean!

Isn’t that really cool? I think we can explore this option here as well rather than always the same advertising tactics through traditional media.

The next idea which I thought as fascinating was crowdfunding by letting the crowd fund your ideas. The speaker Daryl Arnold, co-founder & CEO of Newton Circus shared with us their latest campaign, Silverline. Crowd in this context actually refers to the public, you and me. Yes, it sounds really incredible because it seems almost impossible that anyone would take even a mere five bucks out of their pocket to fund someone else’s business idea.

If you are still confused, take a look at Daryl’s favourite campaign in the video below.

Anyone wants to contribute to this project after watching the video? If you are thinking that the result of it was a blatant failure, you are wrong! They managed to raise funds and made it a success in a mere 48 hours after this campaign was launched. Daryl then touched on their ongoing campaign, Silverline. It is actually about creating userful apps which relates to the elderly such as healthcare are created for them. Read more and fund this campaign here.

Silverline Campagign
Examples of platforms which support crowdfunding are indiegogo and kickstarter. Indiegogo is more focused towards   film, music, art, charity, small businesses, gaming, theater, and more. So if there’s any inspiring artists out there who needs some funds, please do start a campaign in the web to raise funds for yourself!

Besides the previous few I mentioned, there were of course other methods that were introduced to reach your audience (Google Analytics, Hootsuite & more). They enabled me to realise the importance of social marketing, or should I say the potential it harnesses to make your business grow.

When I start my business in the future, I’m sure I’ll give these digital tools a try. Ending this post, here’s a statement that was shared by Jonathan Liu, Founder & CEO of Moonlight in the two days seminar.

To those who wants to be a social market, remember this by heart.
A great tip to people who wants to be a social marketer


The Start of our Horror Movie “Marathon”

Taking a break now from my assignment to write this post (more like trying to escape from my work). Loaded with assignment deadlines, presentations and tests lately. Seriously need to find ways to get a breather if not I’ll probably go insane.

Last Thursday night was the FIRST time I watched a movie which when ended was near 12 midnight (I know right, I’m already 22 this year. Why so strict!) But anyways, that’s only partly the reason why I am so excited (: Because… *drum rolls* we’re gona watch a horror movie! It’s been so long since I’ve watched a horror film with my horror movie gang. In the past, we almost watch every single horror movie that the cinema would be showing. It’s been I think.. 5 years? Couldn’t find time to organize a timing where all three of us can comply to because of everyone being so busy with their own school activities and stuff after we parted ways since we left secondary school.

Back to the main point, we decided that we have to resume this practice! So the first movie which we have decided on is “Ghost Child”. Being a local horror movie which is really rare these days, we weren’t really expecting much when we booked our tickets online. The only enthusiasm which we had was that we are going to start this horror movie “marathon” again. Well, I did watched the official trailer in the cinema when I was catching another movie and I had to confess that it seemed of pretty good standard.

And so at around 9pm, JY came to fetch me right at the mall near my house (THANK YOU!) and then off to fetch YX before we make our way to the cinema at Yishun (ikr. the perks of going out with secondary school friends is that we stay SO close to each other!).

(Spoiler ahead. Those whom wants to watch the movie soon, please exit now (: and come back again after you have finished watching the movie)

The plot was that of a typical horror movie which my friends and I have been able to predict successfully of when the “scary” parts were going to happen during the show. We will go like “you see you see, sure xxx” and laugh when it happens. I guess it wasn’t REALLY scary for most people in the audience because there were much laughter in the process of the movie screening. But I really had to give a thumbs up for the parts where the Chucky like doll keeps on appearing in unexpected places (the staircase scene seriously scared the wits our of me and I could really feel the tension as the main character ran home and tried to open the door anxiously), the “evil” girl who had her face smashed against the glass (the second time was totally unexpected) and the twist of the plot when we realised what was the main source of all these evil happenings.

Furthermore, I was impressed with the main lead, Jayley’s acting. Apart from the Channel 8 9pm show, I have not seen much of her acting and since she was a rookie, her acting skills are really good (in my opinion). She made the scary scenes so much more horrifying with her facial expressions. Especially the part when she lit up the candles and tried to communicate with her dead mum. The scene when the door started to slowly open. Seriously scary!

I love the twist in the end too because suddenly everything made sense and why there was a guilty expression on the Indonesian bride face when the dog started barking at her luggage bag.

However, I didn’t really like the ending of the movie. I felt that it wasn’t scary enough. I can still remember the best ending which I have ever watched was from “Hide & Seek” (For those who have not watched it, please do. One of the most awesome psychological movies I ever watched. No idea why all the bad reviews. It was really good in my opinion. Almost comparable to Orphan).

After the movie it was 11.45 pm, super close to midnight and we started to scare each other by telling each other to be careful when taking the lift and stuff. Overall, a good kick off for this horror movie marathon!

Can’t wait for the next two movies on the list, V/H/S and Haunting in Connecticut 2!

Our tickets! On a side note, I love my nails :p
Our tickets!
On a side note, I love my nails :p
Supper after movie!
Supper after movie!

Photo credits to JY! (: