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Last Wednesday and Thursday, I was lucky to be able to attend HelpLearnAsia Singapore 2013 ‘Digital Marketing Reinvented’ thanks to HLASG giving complimentary tickets to our club, SIM Young Entrepreneur Network! It was a two day seminar power packed with speakers whom are leaders of their respective field.

Being a management student and majoring in marketing, I had to say this was one of the most relevant seminars which I have ever attended. I am not saying that the past ones which I have attended were of no use. They were inspiring and I did learn a great deal from them. This was different in the sense that I could finally see what I learnt in class come to life, in the practical world. Those marketing techniques, the 4Ps which I have learnt in my textbooks and lectures are suddenly coming into life. They made me realise how creative people can be. Those marketers out there, I really have to salute them.

The first day started for us with arriving at the reception counter at 9.30am and collecting relevant materials for the seminar.

Our name tag, program schedule and other items
Our name tag, program schedule and other items

After which, we went up to the atrium and starting chatting while waiting excitedly for the program to officially start. When we saw this screen (picture below), I shamelessly mentioned that the first logo which attracted me at first glance was ours. I think the combination of black, red and orange is a perfect match to attract people’s attention. Don’t you agree? Or maybe I am just a little biased since the logo which I frequently saw was ours (and of course Facebook as well).

Sponsoring media
Sponsoring media

We continued to compare the logos of the partners and agreed that the logo of our alumni’s business “Flag A Hero” was really eye-catching as well with plus points for it being so cute (Anyone who needs heroes to help them out? Hop over to Flag A Hero now! (: ).

Enough with that. I’ll continue to talk about how the speakers start to one by one spark my interest towards social marketing (ain’t gona talk about everyone single one though because I’ll have this tendency to just keep typing and typing and this post is just going to get longer and longer).

One of the speakers which I found intriguing was the first speaker, Andy Hwang Genrel Manager (SMB) Asia-Pacific of Facebook whom shared with us how small and medium businesses can make use of Facebook as a platform to reach out to the target audience, I was amazed at how the newsfeed of Facebook can serve to be such a useful tool. Even though I’m like the other Singaporeans out there who spends on average 30+ minutes everyday on Facebook reading posts on newsfeed, I never realised that it could be used as a business tool (FYI, we Singaporeans, actually topped the charts for the country who spends the most time on Facebook reading posts in the newsfeed!). In addition, they have other tools which businesses can utilize to promote their posts or create adverts around Facebook. After listening to the entire speech, I wonder if I am the only one who suddenly had this urge to start my own business just to use whatever Facebook can offer me to help me with my startup (I know I’m insane).

Another speaker which got my attention was Leon Leong, the Business Relations Director of Techsailor Group whom shared really interesting stories on SoLoMo (short for SOcial, LOcation and MObile) on the second day. I think its reallyimpressive how businesses can be creative and make use of location based applications to reach out to their consumers. One of the examples which I vividly remember was Granata Pet Food using location based application in such a smart way which was to dispense pet food from their billboard if the owner checks in beside the board. Watch the video below to understand what I mean!

Isn’t that really cool? I think we can explore this option here as well rather than always the same advertising tactics through traditional media.

The next idea which I thought as fascinating was crowdfunding by letting the crowd fund your ideas. The speaker Daryl Arnold, co-founder & CEO of Newton Circus shared with us their latest campaign, Silverline. Crowd in this context actually refers to the public, you and me. Yes, it sounds really incredible because it seems almost impossible that anyone would take even a mere five bucks out of their pocket to fund someone else’s business idea.

If you are still confused, take a look at Daryl’s favourite campaign in the video below.

Anyone wants to contribute to this project after watching the video? If you are thinking that the result of it was a blatant failure, you are wrong! They managed to raise funds and made it a success in a mere 48 hours after this campaign was launched. Daryl then touched on their ongoing campaign, Silverline. It is actually about creating userful apps which relates to the elderly such as healthcare are created for them. Read more and fund this campaign here.

Silverline Campagign
Examples of platforms which support crowdfunding are indiegogo and kickstarter. Indiegogo is more focused towards   film, music, art, charity, small businesses, gaming, theater, and more. So if there’s any inspiring artists out there who needs some funds, please do start a campaign in the web to raise funds for yourself!

Besides the previous few I mentioned, there were of course other methods that were introduced to reach your audience (Google Analytics, Hootsuite & more). They enabled me to realise the importance of social marketing, or should I say the potential it harnesses to make your business grow.

When I start my business in the future, I’m sure I’ll give these digital tools a try. Ending this post, here’s a statement that was shared by Jonathan Liu, Founder & CEO of Moonlight in the two days seminar.

To those who wants to be a social market, remember this by heart.
A great tip to people who wants to be a social marketer


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