Horror Movie “Marathon” Part 2!

Anyone watched ” The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia (2013)” yet?

If you have not, you should (before the movie stops screening in the cinemas). I know that the reviews weren’t really good for the movie at Rotten Tomatoes was a pathetic 3.6/10. However, we decided to continue our plans after hearing positive comments from our friends (proves that we always trust our friends and families more than the internet).

Our movie tickets!
Our movie tickets!

Again, another spoiler alert for those who have not watched it yet! Please do leave right NOWWWWWWW :p

This movie was much better than Ghost Child. The scary parts start right at the first part of the movie. The ghosts come whether day or night so for those that are weak hearted, please do not watch because you will have no time to calm down at all. Even at the first scene, the ghost appears. Usually, they do not appear until the middle of the movie when the story starts to get more intense.

For me, the scariest part was when her dead mother’s soul appeared beside the bath tub and told her to not be afraid. The last few seconds before her mother left, blood started flowing in the tub. I can still recall vividly the expression of her mother and her eerie voice *hair stands*. The other part which was mind blowing was definitely when the Station Master stood in front of her face with the instruments. He looked like he was going to disassemble her on the spot and the gory face of his, with flesh and blood hanging on his face was seriously gross. And because I was so engrossed in the movie, I could almost feel his face upon mine when I was watching that scene. Seriously, not for the weak.

Similarly to the Thailand horror movie “Shutter”, they had scenes where the supernatural parts come and go. Let me explain what I mean. In this movie, there’s this part when the little girl walks across the trees and every time she walk pass an “obstacle”, the view of the swing hanging by the tree would change. So it’ll be like “ghost”, tree, no ghost, tree, “ghost”. This is awfully similar to “Shutter” scene when the camera keeps on flashing by itself and the “ghost” got nearer and nearer to the screen.

I love how the story develops and you start to understand how it all falls together in the end. Oh, and the part when Joyce was hanged in her temporary home. That was really disturbing as well (Did I mentioned that I have a close friend by the name Joyce?) I think the director really planned the scenes well. As if the blood and rotting flesh weren’t enough, maggots and other creepy crawlies had to join in the fun. Eew.

Well and the take away from the movie? Ignorance is bliss. Definitely. It’s so much better to be unable to see or feel those that shouldn’t be felt. I wouldn’t call it a gift as Joyce (the actress, not my friend) said. Absolutely a torment. I am so glad that I’m like the father of the child who have totally no idea what’s going on.

Okay, enough of this horror. We decided to wash our minds before going on since it was midnight. I wouldn’t want to enter the lift of my block with such revulsion. Too scary for me. So we decided to have supper (YAY) at Xin Wang.

Milo Dinosaur :3
Milo Dinosaur :3
French Toast :D
French Toast 😀

What I ordered 😡 Fattening but lovely. Whee ~ I had to give my heart and body a break you see(excuses, excuses. Tsk).

After that, JY gave both of us a lift home so all of us reached home safe and sound (Plays Taylor Swift’s song). No zombies, no ghosts, nothing (Y).

On a side note, I thought I had to help YX advertise the ice kachang he recommended. He’s totally a fan of it. It’s actually really hilarious because after eating it, I thought it was just normal. Perhaps a little over average but NOT that AWESOME. Anyways, the way he said to me was really funny so I just have to repeat it here.

YX: Its REALLY DIFFERENT. The jelly is so yummy. Its so bouncy that if it accidentally drops on the floor, it would bounce a few times.

Me: PLEASE *roll eyes* It’s just ice kachang. How nice can it be?

YX: NONO. You have to try. Really. Even the ice is different.

Me: ice is just ice… its just water when it melts -.-


Me: fine.

YX, JY & Me goes to have the ice kachang located at Food Junction in Causeway Point.

*Me having high expectations and hopes when I eat the jelly*

Me: Okay only what.

YX: No. You bite properly. Really more chewy than normal ones.

*Me bites again*

Me: Okay fine. Maybe a little more chewy than normal ones but not that YUMMY as you have said.

YX: I told you already! The jelly is awesome.

Me: Why not, next time you order then tell the auntie. “Auntie one ice kachang. No need ice, all jelly can already”


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