Seoul & Busan 2016 – Day 3: Shinchon

We spent most of day 3 doing our photoshoot hence we only managed to explore Shinchon which was the area we lived at. If you have not read my post on our pre-wedding photoshoot, you can read it here. After a tiring and long day, we went to try the famous Palsaek Samgyeopsal which literally means 8 colors of pork belly.

They have different sets available which allows you to choose a number of flavors of pork belly with beef or all flavors of pork belly. The most popular set would probably have to be the one that allows you to try all 8 flavors. If I remember correctly, the price of the set is around KRW30,000. In addition, if you order any set on the menu, they will give you free stew which you can choose from kimchi, seafood stew or a third one which I’ve unfortunately forgotten.


8 different flavors of pork belly



As we were really hungry, we decided to add another portion of ramen into the stew. While waiting for the meat to be cooked, the fragrance of the meat was killing me. It was tough to control my temptation to just eat it half raw.

They will barbeque the pork belly according to the sequence as displayed so that customers are able to know which ones they are eating. The 8 flavors are Wine, Pine, Ginseng, Garlic, Herb, Curry, Miso Paste and Red Pepper Paste.

The first we tasted was wine. We were pretty shocked at the strong wine after taste. We had half expected it to be just some “wine” alike flavor but we were wrong.

Pine had.. not much taste. It was more of just barbequed pork belly.

Ginseng was not bad. We were able to smell it before we even put it into our mouths.

Garlic was my 2nd favourite. I just love how it compliments and brings out the taste of the pork belly.

Herb was good too. I personally love herbs a lot especially when it goes with meat or potatoes (Omg I’m thinking about roasted herb potatoes now. Help…)

Curry was.. just curry. Nothing special and nothing great about it.

Miso paste was yummy. Love how savory it was.

I loved red pepper paste the most. Not sure if it was because I was already getting used to the food here or what but the spiciness was just nice, not too spicy.

If I ever come back here, I would definitely eat more of garlic, herb, miso paste and red pepper paste ones!


When we were leaving, we saw this at the exit which explains to you in detail the marination of each flavor. Not sure why pine is indicated as original here.

After filling our happy tummies, we walked back to our hotel.

20160411_094449 (2)

And.. I bought the peanut snack above. I mean I wasn’t hungry or anything but the smell of it. Gosh. They had walnut and peanut ones so I ended up buying the latter because I couldn’t decipher that the foreign looking thing was walnut until I was in my room. I actually like walnut better. Oh well. But this peanut ones are really good too! It wasn’t too sweet and when you bite in it actually has a crunch to it as there are real whole peanuts hiding inside. Yum! Worth my KRW5,000. Oh and the stall owner was so nice to give me such a hugeeeee portion. So happy for that (cheap thrills)

Ending my short post for day 3 here. Next up would be our Busan trip!

  • Palsaek Samgyeopsal

Directions: Metro Line 2, Sinsa Station Exit 6. Walk straight for around 5 minutes and you will spot the store across the street.

18, Baekbeom-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
11am – 11pm


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