The Assembly Ground

Cafe interior
Cafe interior

Situated at the Cathay level 1, the cafe emits a cozy ambience with low lying dim lights, comfy chairs and vintage decor. It was around half filled when we stepped in even though it was a Saturday lunch hour.

As the lights were really dim, I have to admit I had trouble reading through the offerings they had. Furthermore the tiny words fared poorly against the faded brown background.


The price range was acceptable since it was situated in town and a main was around $14 to $20. Similarly to the other cafes, most of the offerings had either poached or egg benedict. I decided to go ahead with the rosti as I was quite sick of having too much fries the past few days (The sandwich comes with salad and fries). And of course, I ordered a root beer float 🙂

Root beer float
Root beer float
Rosti omelette

And the verdict? The root beer float was good (Like duh? How can it go wrong) and yep, that’s all. The rosti was really bad in my opinion. It currently ranks as the worst rosti I have ever eaten. At first glance, it looks like stir-fried vermicelli and it definitely tastes like one as it had a rubbery texture and was really dry. My friends who saw my order couldn’t tell it was rosti at all. The salad too was dry and the sausages were too salty. I really regretted ordering this.

However not all were unpleasant.

Mushroom sandwich
Mushroom cheese sandwich
Assembly brunch
Eggs zoey

The sandwich was the best out of all. The portion was pretty huge and the filling was generous with mushroom.

Well, I’ll probably come back again if I’m in the area and this time round I’m definitely going straight for the sandwiches.

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