The Start of our Horror Movie “Marathon”

Taking a break now from my assignment to write this post (more like trying to escape from my work). Loaded with assignment deadlines, presentations and tests lately. Seriously need to find ways to get a breather if not I’ll probably go insane.

Last Thursday night was the FIRST time I watched a movie which when ended was near 12 midnight (I know right, I’m already 22 this year. Why so strict!) But anyways, that’s only partly the reason why I am so excited (: Because… *drum rolls* we’re gona watch a horror movie! It’s been so long since I’ve watched a horror film with my horror movie gang. In the past, we almost watch every single horror movie that the cinema would be showing. It’s been I think.. 5 years? Couldn’t find time to organize a timing where all three of us can comply to because of everyone being so busy with their own school activities and stuff after we parted ways since we left secondary school.

Back to the main point, we decided that we have to resume this practice! So the first movie which we have decided on is “Ghost Child”. Being a local horror movie which is really rare these days, we weren’t really expecting much when we booked our tickets online. The only enthusiasm which we had was that we are going to start this horror movie “marathon” again. Well, I did watched the official trailer in the cinema when I was catching another movie and I had to confess that it seemed of pretty good standard.

And so at around 9pm, JY came to fetch me right at the mall near my house (THANK YOU!) and then off to fetch YX before we make our way to the cinema at Yishun (ikr. the perks of going out with secondary school friends is that we stay SO close to each other!).

(Spoiler ahead. Those whom wants to watch the movie soon, please exit now (: and come back again after you have finished watching the movie)

The plot was that of a typical horror movie which my friends and I have been able to predict successfully of when the “scary” parts were going to happen during the show. We will go like “you see you see, sure xxx” and laugh when it happens. I guess it wasn’t REALLY scary for most people in the audience because there were much laughter in the process of the movie screening. But I really had to give a thumbs up for the parts where the Chucky like doll keeps on appearing in unexpected places (the staircase scene seriously scared the wits our of me and I could really feel the tension as the main character ran home and tried to open the door anxiously), the “evil” girl who had her face smashed against the glass (the second time was totally unexpected) and the twist of the plot when we realised what was the main source of all these evil happenings.

Furthermore, I was impressed with the main lead, Jayley’s acting. Apart from the Channel 8 9pm show, I have not seen much of her acting and since she was a rookie, her acting skills are really good (in my opinion). She made the scary scenes so much more horrifying with her facial expressions. Especially the part when she lit up the candles and tried to communicate with her dead mum. The scene when the door started to slowly open. Seriously scary!

I love the twist in the end too because suddenly everything made sense and why there was a guilty expression on the Indonesian bride face when the dog started barking at her luggage bag.

However, I didn’t really like the ending of the movie. I felt that it wasn’t scary enough. I can still remember the best ending which I have ever watched was from “Hide & Seek” (For those who have not watched it, please do. One of the most awesome psychological movies I ever watched. No idea why all the bad reviews. It was really good in my opinion. Almost comparable to Orphan).

After the movie it was 11.45 pm, super close to midnight and we started to scare each other by telling each other to be careful when taking the lift and stuff. Overall, a good kick off for this horror movie marathon!

Can’t wait for the next two movies on the list, V/H/S and Haunting in Connecticut 2!

Our tickets! On a side note, I love my nails :p
Our tickets!
On a side note, I love my nails :p
Supper after movie!
Supper after movie!

Photo credits to JY! (:

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