Thoughts about a full-time work life

Six months, that’s how long I would have had worked for after next week passes. It feels like it has only been yesterday when I’ve just started my first real full-time job after leaving my previous “career” – studying. Having been in school for a whole 20 years of my life, it was tough trying to adapt to the change in life. Starting to realize that there would be little to almost no free time to myself anymore because there is no more school holidays was I have to admit, a little scary in my opinion. Now my free time is confined to the number of annual leave given and the off days which I have. Suddenly it dawned on me about what my parents used to say, “Schooling period is the best time of your life. Wait till when you start working!”. Of course at that time, I had no inkling about what they mean for there’s always never ending assignments to complete and exams to conquer. Life is so repetitive and tiring.

However now that I’ve started working, I think I comprehend the real meaning behind “repetitive”. Of course, the job which I’ve taken on is far from the definition of that but in the regards of working time, it definitely fits well. A 9 to 6 job where I go to work and go home the same way every single day, waking up and sleeping at almost the same time everyday, dining at the same old eateries everyday .. Oh well. Life is a little boring. But personally, I feel that it is the perception that depicts whether our lives are really monotonous or not.

For example, you could make a little change sometimes and take a different route home. At work, you can try to adjust the way you view some tasks and it’ll be a whole new concept to you. Life can be interesting depending on how you take on the task. More importantly, for me I guess I’m really lucky since my office is near upper Thomson Road. I have a wide variety of food choices to choose from. There’s a reason for the flood of food photos on my Instagram! Tongue Out



And sometimes it’s actually quite refreshing to step into a cafe/restaurant and trying out their food without knowing that they are actually quite a famous cafe (I’ll talk about that in the next post)! The only reason for eating there? Because it’s near my workplace. I guess that’s a good thing too since I’ll get to explore new food  places without being bias since I have no prior opinions about the food I’m going to try.

In addition to the awesome food options I have on my hand, I have great colleagues. I think whether you’re happy at work or not highly depends on the environment of the company and the colleagues you mingle with on a daily basis. If your work environment is stressful or negative, it’ll be hard to work there for a long term basis. On the other hand, if it’s a positive working environment where everyone is on good terms with each other, you would really not mind going to work or even look forward to going to work Sealed

Sometimes I really cannot fathom why would my friends choose jobs which they already know beforehand that there’s parts about it which they dislike (not counting those where they really have no choice) for example the job scope, the location, the work environment, etc. I think choosing a job is important, especially when it’s a full-time job. It’s very much different from the temporary jobs which you take on during school holidays/ term breaks just for the experience or supplementary income which you’ll gain from. It’s going to be a job you’ll be sticking on for quite a long time, at least a year or more so there’s no point accepting one which you know you’ll dislike!

One lesson which I’ve really learnt? Be wise when making choices, especially when it’s your career.

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