I think I’m sick. Diagnosed with the illness on the right. Every hour, minute or second, I’m thinking of just dropping everything on my hands, pack my luggage and fly away to the nearest destination available.

I cannot recall when was it when I last realised I have been plagued with this addiction to go overseas. Maybe it started during my first trip when I went to Australia, Gold Coast with my family when I was six. Okay, maybe not. Since I can’t recall anything except the Tweety Bird mascot which I went crazy over and demanded to take a picture together no matter how long the queue was.

Seriously, I think travelling is a magical thing. It widened my horizons, made me realise how small we humans are and also how it is almost impossible to actually ever leave a footprint in this universe. I have always adored the idea of going overseas, stepping out of this familiar land of mine and into the unknown, a foreign place where traditions and cultures are of divergence. Every time I am bound to go overseas, I cannot stop to imagine how the milieu would be like. How will the people behave? How different are their response from ours?

Even though I cannot recall every city or landmark I went vividly, I can never forget the culture or tradition in that region. My trip to Japan for instance is deeply entrenched in my memories even though it has already been 5 years since I’ve been there. The people there are really different from who we are here. The way they behave and respond to things we do are quite the opposite. I have always heard from others that the Japanese are quite peculiar in the good sense as they are shockingly polite and considerate to others.

During my trip there, the most memorial incident was when we realised how trusting they were towards others. Firstly in the subway cabins, after they place their baggage on the metal bars above the seats, they can take a quick nap without any worries that someone would just steal their items. I mean if this scenario is repeated in Singapore, I’m sure it’ll be gone within minutes. Another incident which I recalled was that their shops have no security alarms. We tested it out (yes, we shouldn’t have) by extending our hand out of the store with one of the items and nope, there was no buzz. With that, we finally realised that the trust which they placed in each other is definitely no joke (we did put back the item back to its original place).

Well, Japan isn’t the only country which amazed me. Every single country which I went left me with awesome memories. Every country is different and hence the tradition and culture are also dissimilar. My dream is to visit every country in the world and I wonder when that day will eventually come since till now I have only visited 6% of the countries in the world (mainly in Asia – Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, Germany, Australia and Austria).


Till that day comes, I guess I have to start saving up every cent of my money since travelling is expensive! Ending my first post in this blog with some pictures taken during my trips.

Austria, Salzburg
At Eagle's Nest in Europe
Germany – Eagle’s Nest
Zugspitze in Germany
Germany – Zugspitze


South Korea, Jejudo - O'sulloc Museum
South Korea, Jejudo – O’sulloc Museum
South Korea
South Korea

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