Bee Choo Ladies Hair Treatment Review (SP)

I’ve been suffering post partum hair loss for 2 months already and I’m scared it’ll eventually turn into balding spots. When Bee Choo Ladies approached me for a sponsored hair review I was really happy because there might finally be a solution to my problem.I’ve never heard of Bee Choo Origins before honestly and after researching on it, there were many positive reviews and I was happy to know that it is not like other hair treatment brands where we’ll be pushed to sign up for a package with a hefty price. For them, it’s on a per session basis and different hair lengths have a fixed price so no need to be scared that once you go in, you’ll come out with a hole in your pocket.

They advised me to avoid peak timings for the first appointment because there will be a hair analysis and this might lead to a longer waiting time. However as I couldn’t make it for weekdays, I decided to pick the earliest slot of 9am on Saturday and luckily, I was one of the only few in the salon.They led me to the seat with hot tea and brought a laptop with the hair scanner to my seat. Wow. I was surprised. I guess that’s the difference compared to other brands where they’ll bring you to a room and start brainwashing you that you need a lot of help and make you sign a package.She patiently showed me different sections of my hair and similar to others, my hair at the front was fine and only had 1 to 2 strands as compared to my hair at the back, there was 3 to 4 strands. A healthy scalp usually has the latter.

We then proceeded with the hair treatment. First step was the application of ginger tonic. This will help to open the hair pores and help the herbal treatment penetrate.Next was a head and body massage. Half of me wanted to be thick skinned and request for a longer period. Hehe.Then she applied olive oil at the hair ends to help my damaged hair.Next was the most important part, the herbal paste! There are 2 kinds, coloured or colorless. I chose colorless as it will not affect my hair dye. By the end of everything, I was looking like a marinated cabbage.

Before steaming, they placed a heated shoulder pad to help with shoulder aches. How awesome..After that was hair wash and the application of hair cream.

After a few sessions, I saw significant amount of hair growing at the front!!

Super recommended! With this, I’m excited to announce that there will be a giveaway of herbal hair treatments on my Instagram account in light of Mother’s Day that is around the corner! Hop over to my account to join now!For the rest of you who are interested to book appointments, the one that I went was ladies exclusive (see below). If not you can go to other outlets around Singapore too for both men and women!

5 Pahang Street,

Singapore 198606

Tel: +65 6291 5354

(Please message us on facebook for quicker response time)

Operating Hours:

Mon – Fri:

10.00 AM – 07.00 PM

Sat, Sun & All PH:

9.00 AM – 04.30 PM

Wedding Bridal Boutique Review – La Belle Couture


My wedding and honeymoon is finally over so I have time to sit down and type this lengthy post which I hope will help future brides-to-be 🙂 Starting my string of wedding posts will be my bridal boutique, La Belle Couture!

A bridal boutique is probably one of the most concerned areas for a bride. After getting engaged, I’ve been keeping a lookout on gown types and the offerings various bridal boutiques in Singapore have. After going through most of their galleries online, I shortlisted Z Wedding, Rico-A-Mona, Digio & La Belle Couture because they have the kind of gowns I like – ball gown and A line wedding gowns. I went through many forums checking numerous reviews and finally settled with La Belle because of the following..

Korea Pre-wedding Photoshoot Pt. 2

Hello again. This is part 2 of the post for my Korea Pre-Wedding shoot. If you have not read part 1 yet, please hop over to

And so, after 3 months our edited photos are ready for viewing! The coordinator was nice enough to agree to my request of letting me see the edited photos before we decide on which photo to be printed for the 20R.

We received our edited photos last month via e-mail and I’m so happy to see the edited versions. So it is possible for the photos to look even better (remember I said before “how much nicer can it look when it’s already so nice raw?”)

Seoul & Busan 2016 – Day 4 & 5: Busan

It was the first time I was going to Busan so I was really excited. I was very confused when I was doing my research on how to go to Busan from Seoul and how I should book the tickets. The only thing I knew was that I could travel by the KTX. Other than that I have zero idea on what was going on. The KTX website wasn’t of much help either. Thankfully a fellow blogger typed her experience and tips on how to go about booking so I shall type it here for anyone who will need this information.