Procrastination has been hitting quite hard on me recently (hence the lack of update even though I promised myself I’ll try my best to blog more frequently). My friends and I had Grub a month ago and here I am finally typing this.

Honestly, I’ve never heard of Grub before my friends suggested to me that we’ll try it out for T’s birthday (Slow. I know). And so when they were all hyped out to try out the food there since it’s so famous, I was just barely excited having to wake up early on a Sunday morning.

To make things worse, we got lost.(Yes, in small tiny Singapore). Apparently we parked at the wrong carpark and we attempted to find our way there by walking but decided to go back to the car and find the place again (which was such a wise decision. Thank God. For it was so far away!) When we’ve finally found the place this time with the aid of Google Maps, the second obstacle arrived which was to find a parking lot. It was really packed even though it was still early in the morning. Hence we decided to split up with two of them stay in the car and wait for a lot while the rest of us get a number and wait for our turn at Grub.

Guess what? The estimated queuing time was 25 minutes since the eatery was really small which I estimate around a 50 seater at most (including both in and outdoors). Since we were there already, we were determined to STAY even though we had to wait under the hot sun. Lucky for us who chose that it was fine to sit either inside or outside, we managed to get our seats before the estimated waiting time. We witnessed another group who chose to sit inside wait longer even though they arrived before us. So, yay for that.

We proceeded to order quickly as we were famished from that long wait.

Root Beer Float
Root Beer Float

My root beer float to quench that thirst but $6 for this? Not very worth it but I’m a big fan of floats so yep, I HAD to order it.

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Cheese Burger

Cheese burger is just… a normal cheese burger. Don’t order this if you are expecting something more than that. I honestly feel that Carl’s Junior has better tasting burgers than this.

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Breakfast Set


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Crispy Fish Burger

Not only does it look good on the camera, it tastes good as well. One of their best dishes. Even though I am not a seafood lover, I liked it. There was no fishy stench at all.

Mentaiko Fries
Mentaiko Fries

This is awesome food. The star of the day. The sauce is topped with crispy seaweed. Totally understand why every food review on Grub talks about this.

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A total waste of money and calories. It tasted more like a bread instead.

Overall verdict? It’s a great place to hang out and chill probably on a weekday if there’s no crowd but I won’t go back again since the food isn’t that splendid except for that Mentaiko Fries and Crispy Fish Burger.

Ps. A great place to take food photos since the lighting was great.


  1. anne
    June 25, 2014

    Did you have to extract any teeth for braces ?

    1. hwee
      July 12, 2014

      Hi anne, I had to extract 4 teeth for my braces. 3 pre-molar and 1 decayed pre-molar.


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