Korea Pre-wedding Photoshoot Pt. 2

Hello again. This is part 2 of the post for my Korea Pre-Wedding shoot. If you have not read part 1 yet, please hop over to http://www.hwee-ified.com/korea-pre-wedding-photoshoot/

And so, after 3 months our edited photos are ready for viewing! The coordinator was nice enough to agree to my request of letting me see the edited photos before we decide on which photo to be printed for the 20R.

We received our edited photos last month via e-mail and I’m so happy to see the edited versions. So it is possible for the photos to look even better (remember I said before “how much nicer can it look when it’s already so nice raw?”)

*drum rolls*




Tadah! Sharing some of my favourite photos.


Pre wedding Korea 1




Love how magical this photo turned out. It was kind of dangerous trying to climb up the bus but luckily we didn’t have to stay up there for long. The photographer knew exactly what he wanted to take so *thumbs up*

And just 2 weeks ago we got our photobook by courier and the 3 minutes video today which was thrown in for free when we signed up. The video unexpectedly was really good. Honestly hubby and I expected a slipshod one since it was free and the videographer didn’t have that “professional” aura (oops) when he was videoing us. I would love to upload the video here but I want to keep it a secret till our wedding banquet so I’m gona end here for now.

Lastly I can only say that it is totally worth every cent paid. $3500 for the entire package which includes photography, gowns + suit , hair and makeup (excluding accommodation and air tickets) is definitely comparable to SG ones. 10/10! If anyone of you are interested, do go to their Jun 6 Wedding Facebook page and drop them a message (and no, you don’t get a discount by quoting me because this is just a heartfelt review hahaha). Oh and don’t forget to upgade to Jenny House for makeup and hair! πŸ™‚

– Update –

Now that our wedding is over, here’s our pre-wedding shoot video!

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