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My wedding and honeymoon is finally over so I have time to sit down and type this lengthy post which I hope will help future brides-to-be 🙂 Starting my string of wedding posts will be my bridal boutique, La Belle Couture!

A bridal boutique is probably one of the most concerned areas for a bride. After getting engaged, I’ve been keeping a lookout on gown types and the offerings various bridal boutiques in Singapore have. After going through most of their galleries online, I shortlisted Z Wedding, Rico-A-Mona, Digio & La Belle Couture because they have the kind of gowns I like – ball gown and A line wedding gowns. I went through many forums checking numerous reviews and finally settled with La Belle because of the following..

  1. Flexibility – their packages usually includes a specific number of wedding gowns and a number of “wishing stars” to select the rest of the services you need. This is great as most bridal boutiques give you their standard packages but most of the time you do not need everything inside.
  2. All gowns included – all their packages include ALL gowns which they have as long as it is available for rental on your wedding date. There is no additional fee.
  3. Standard of service – I’ve many friends who are also La Belle brides and we all agree on that we have nothing to worry about. We’ve long heard of how makeup artists, florists and photographers by bridal boutiques are not professional etc but this definitely does not apply to La Belle.

First Visit – La Belle In-house Bridal Fair

I visited when they had their in-house bridal fair. This is great as they have many perks if you sign. The perks I had when I signed up was:

  • $600 off actual day photography
  • Complimentary 4 additional wishing stars
  • $200 off my bridal package
  • Complimentary 1 hour casual wedding anniversary/pregnancy photo shoot

They also had an instant win going on and I won a photo album box which can be used as an angbao box for my banquet. Rayden attended to me and he was very knowledgeable about La Belle products. He professionally recommended me my Actual Day photographer Kzan and booked her for my Actual day immediately on the spot. He also patiently answered all my questions ie. bouquets, gown types, etc. Payment for the day was 50% deposit for the bridal package and photographer.

Second Visit – Gown Selection

Before my second visit for gown selection, my coordinator Pei Wen called me to make the appointment. In addition to that, they also sent a reminder email with what we will need to prepare before the appointment. Unfortunately, that got filtered into the spam box so I didn’t know of these emails after the entire wedding (so do check your spam box frequently!)

When I arrived at the bridal studio, Pei Wen was very friendly and brought me to the place to try the gowns on 3nd floor. Before taking gowns for me, she asked what type of gown I had in mind. She also got me to look through all the gowns on that level. As some of the gowns were on 3rd floor, she climbed up and down the stairs to get them for me. Seriously kudos to them. Super tiring! The gowns are so heavy and they still have to climb the stairs repeatedly.

I tried more than 10 gowns in around 2 hours. Honestly I didn’t want to try any more at no. 10 because it was just so energy consuming. Plus, I didn’t have my dinner before so I was so hungry. Gowns which I tried:

After trying all the gowns, I decided on the 3rd white wedding gown and the navy blue gown. However my friends and family members adore the red one more than the navy blue gown hence I changed my choice in the end. Well, I’m glad I did!

Third Visit – Trial Makeup

The makeup artist that was assigned to me is Shirley. Honestly I was very worried because I have several bride friends who had quite bad makeup artists assigned to them from their bridal boutiques and furthermore when I tried to do a search on Shirley on Google, I couldn’t find any information on her. However, my worries were for nothing! She was so friendly throughout the session and totally understood the kind of look I wanted. I like the Korean (natural) style so I was worried that she might do it too bold for me. But it was great! Tadah ~ 

She did mention though for the banquet she will have to make it thicker because of the lighting. But for the day events, this makeup will be fine.

After that I went on to try my gown again with the makeup. Peiwen was actually very busy with another appointment however she happily helped me find my gown so that I could try it on. Kudos to her!

Fourth Visit – Gown Fitting

Our one and only hiccup. Peiwen forgot to contact me for gown fitting and alteration so in the end the only available slot was actually 3 days before my AD. I was so anxious because most of my friends bridal studios need at least a week or two to alter the gowns. There were even some who had their gown fitting 2 months before (ok this is probably too early though) and mine was 3 days!! No.. 2 because we will pick up the gowns the evening before AD. How can it be possible? Peiwen assured me that there will definitely be no problems.

When I reached, I was surprised to find that the gowns already fitted me exactly well. What happened? I have no idea… Seems like they actually altered the gowns a little already so when I tried it on that day there was no need for any more alteration. So in the end I took the gowns home that very day! We did wait awhile though as my hubby’s suit needed some alteration but their in-house seamstress was around so it was done very fast. Thumbs up!!

Before they handed over everything, they packed it nicely into different bags. They even thought of how we are going to transport them so they pack it so that we can just take them easily. My tea dress with the red gown so that my hubby can take it back to his home. Then I will just take back the white gown since I will be wearing it during gatecrash. In addition, they also had a form which states everything we borrow nicely so that there will be no problems when we return. We also had to pay a small deposit fee (I forgot how much).

Fifth Visit – Tying of Car Ribbons & Collection of Bridal Bouquet

Before the visit, Peiwen already sent me the selection available. For car ribbons, it was just a very simple one so if you are looking for a more fanciful decor, you’ll have to engage your own. They are able to tie it with the soft toys if you have any too.

For bridal bouquet, La Belle has such a huge selection available! Over 30 for you to choose from. They didn’t have my favourite flowers – daisy but they did have hydrangeas which is my second favourite. They were also able to customize so I had the original blue hydrangeas to be changed to pink ones.

How pretty. Saved me $$ (usually they bridal bouquets cost around $400 – $800 depending on how rare the flowers you want are).

Last Visit – Returning of Gowns

This was really easily. We handed everything back nicely to them in their individual bags. Pei Wen’s colleague (sorry I forgot your name) checked them in less than 5 minutes. We paid the rest of the amount for the bridal package and viola, we are done!! It has been an amazing journey with La Belle Couture. Totally recommend it to all brides who want a fuss free experience.

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  1. Kc
    March 7, 2018

    Thanks for your post. Very helpful. Also gonna sign up with la Belle. Hopefully can still use your quote.

    1. hwee
      June 28, 2018

      I hope you managed to get the discount! 🙂


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